Create a business account

Try Dintero Checkout for free with fictitious test transactions. Once you're ready to start using Dintero, go to step 2.

Apply for payment methods

In Dintero Backoffice, apply for the payment methods you want in your checkout. Our payment partners who provide Visa, Mastercard, Vipps, Swish, MobilePay, and Walley will then process your application.
It takes 1-2 weeks for our payment partners to approve your application.

Install our checkout

When your application has been approved, you're ready to start using Dintero Checkout. We have free plugins for WooCommerce, Magento, Optimizely, and NopCommerce. If your have a custom webshop or app, you can integrate with our API.
If you want help installing Dintero Checkout? Contact our support.

Start accepting payments today!

(It's seriously simple)

What happens when I create an account?

You'll instantly get access to Dintero Backoffice and get the keys you'll need to connect Dintero to your webshop or app.

One of our helpful experts will get in touch with you to make sure you get all the answers you need to get started, whether you're just exploring, testing, or if you're ready to start using Dintero.

Can I test Dintero for free?

Yes! Creating an account is absolutely free, and requires no commitment from you.

When you're ready to start using Dintero with real transactions, you can apply for payment methods from your account. Here are our prices.

Will Dintero work with my webshop?

We have free plugins for the following webshop platforms:

- WooCommerce
- Magento
- Optimizely
- NopCommerce

If you have a custom built webshop or app, take a look at our API documentation to see how to make your own integration.

How quickly do I get payouts for my orders?

Weekly payouts are the default payout frequency. When it comes to cards, Vipps, MobilePay, and Swish, however, you can get daily payouts if you’d like.

Each payment method has a different number of days of delay after you complete the order. Take a look at our payout "calculator" to see when you will get your payouts.