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Dintero Loyalty

Give your customers personalised offers and rewards in multiple channels.

Customer & User Management

Get a full overview of your customer recruitment and churn, and see which recruitment campaigns are most effective.

Discount, Deals, Stamp cards

Gain new customers with personalised marketing tools and retain them with discounts and rewards.


See all receipts for any customer regardless of whether they shopped online or offline. The customer can also see their receipts via a website or an app.

Testimonials from customers

Staples logo
"With Dintero we have increased functionality due to their integration tool being super easy and works with many other suppliers"
Frank Kronheim
System Manager, Staples
  • A service that give customers a better shopping experience
  • A low cost, time saving implementation, and help dealing with GDPR
  • A system that collects all customer data in one place, simplifying handling subscriptions, cancellations etc.
Europris logo
"Besides building the systems, Dintero showed us cooperation and great consulting, both within technical architecture, APIs and real time architecture."
Ole Petter Harv
IT Director, Europris
  • Personalized customer discounts
  • A service that communicates with cash registers and e-commerce platforms in real time
  • On the fly discount calculation for the point of sale

For developers

Customer Engagement services are available for those using Dintero through a custom integration.
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