Skolmagi grew their business with Dintero Checkout

November 30, 2022
The webstore Skolmagi (school magic) was a success during the pandemic, when the need for digital teaching material skyrocketed. Now they break new sales records every month - thanks in large part to the customized payment solution from Dintero.
Skolmagi and Dintero Checkout

- It delivers first-class at every purchase, says Michael Widegren at Skolmagi.

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 The timing could not have been better. During 2019, Skolmagi founders Emma and Michael Widegren realized that there was a lack of a platform where teachers could share the educational material they create for use in the classroom.

- We were told that they shared the material via social media or other sites, but that there was nowhere where teachers could gather everything together. That's why, we started developing our platform and in July 2019 we launched our webstore.

Just a few months later, Covid19 swept the world and when schools closed, the digital learning material became the salvation for many teachers. When the customer base and sales increased rapidly, Emma and Michael started looking for a payment solution that could fit the site. The choice quickly fell on Dintero.

- Our creators' materials are low priced, so we knew we needed a payment solution that is fairly priced, secure and fast. Our customers come from all walks of life and across the country, so we also needed to make sure that all kinds of payment methods were available. Everything from cards and invoices to Swish, for both private customers and companies. Dintero could give us the whole package, says Michael.

According to him, the Skolmagi platform is "somewhat unusual", but together with Dintero they could still get a tailored and stable solution that blends into the company's webshop. Something that has yielded results.

- Now our sales reach a new record every month, and Dintero's solution delivers first class at every purchase.

According to Michael, one of the biggest advantages of Dintero is how open they are with the prices.

- There are no hidden costs or minimum costs, which was definitely one of the reasons why we chose Dintero. In addition, they are very helpful both before and after the implementation on the site. The support team is really quick to respond and has a very high technical competence, which means that you always feel secure you get the right help when talking to them.

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According to Magnus Gleditsch, Growth Manager at Dintero, Skolmagi is a typical example of a company that benefits from Dintero's flexible payment solution.

- Payment and checkout are often only a small part of everyday life for small e-tailers. But if they don't work flawlessly, it often means big worries. For companies that do not have a lot of technical resources, it saves a lot of time and energy to collect everything in our portal. We often get good words of wisdom about how we handle any problems and always keep the customer in focus, he concludes.

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